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SCAM ALERT! I was in contact with Joey Ganassa from Washington Marble & Granite company about getting counter tops for my kitchen. He emailed me a quote and it was over $400 more than any of the other quotes we were getting. I thanked him for his time but told him that we would be choosing from the companies that were in our budget, since Washington Marble & Granite was too expensive. Joey wrote me back and told me that they could work with my budget and find something for me that I'd love in their remnant section, and that I should schedule an appointment to come in and look and all the slabs and numerous remnants they had on site. I did so, and drove a hour to their location. Once I got there Joey quoted me the original price for our job. I reminded him that he told me they could do the job for a price more consistent with the other companies in the area, and in a very rude manner he told me that I must not be able to read correctly because that is not what he meant. I then pulled up our email on my smart phone and showed him exactly where he said they could do my job for our budget. He then back peddled and explained that he didn't really mean it that way, and that they didn't have remnants at all. I asked him what compromise we could come to and make a deal work, and he told me that he wouldn't budge from his high price and that I should just leave. Getting extremely irritated I told him that I drove an hour based on his word that he would honor my other quote, and the least he could do is reimburse me my gas money and we could just call it a wash. He laughed and said that he certainly wouldn't pay me a dime. I suspect that they say anything they can to get you into their showroom, and then pull a bait and switch on you. When you don't fall for it Joey Ganassa laughs in your face and tells you to get out of his showroom.

I'll include the portion of Joey's email here word for word so you can see how he operates:

ME: "You seem very reputable, but simply way higher than our other quotes."

JOEY: "If price is your absolute #1 factor the best that I can do is say that you can come out and pick a remnant in our yard for the same price, if we can find something big enough."

ME: "Please let me know off-hand if you have any remnants possibly large enough for our job. Seams at the corners are okay. "

JOEY: "We certainly have enough stone for your job. I’m glad you are deciding to come by and see what we have to offer."

....So I drive all the way over their and he tells me they don't have enough stone for my job, and never have!


Monetary Loss: $20.

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